hai silly world!


haiii hewwoo tysm 4 visiting my silly website meowww! im soz but dis is a work in progress and im working v hard on it but ideas on how to make it wont come up, so i apologise v much! im v indecisive lolz

abt da website >_^ i created dis website on May/11/2023 but ive officially started working on it since June or so. in dese months ive improved alot with html and i understood lots of it ^_^ i studied html by myself and understood almost everything in about a month since i was super duper hyperfixated and wanted to learn more and more :3 (i know thats crazy isnt it x3)
dis is not my official website :3 or liek,, finished one,, i just didnt wanna leave the unfinished one public and i decided to make dis introduction or sort of!!
i usually work on my 2560 x 1600 mac and i work on brackets since its super helpful! i also make carrds n stuff but now im not rly doing that anymore since i got bored of it or sum like that..
i rly love liek making websitez but im super busy with personal life issues n stuff like that :[ i wanna learn abt js too coz it seems supercool but superhard brah,,

abt me hai im the webking of this website teehee u can call me ame or rex or any other name you think that fits me!! i really love adding names 2 my list (im name hoader hehe). nothing much to know abt me im just a silly autistic lesbian with lots of interests >_^ i really love making friends (if you wanna talk follow me on twt i fb!! @stfurnlol pls i love talking 2 people,, or like also disord works my user is @abyss0fmpf1kvp6 ;3) meoww idk what to write i have a gf n i love it SOOOO MUCCHHHH (hai mika ilysm :33)